National Day also known as Independence Day is celebrated annually on 4th February by Sri Lankans to commemorate the country’s political independence from British rule in year 1948.  Many national struggles were made in the history of Sri Lanka before gaining the freedom from foreign rulers and many people sacrificed their lives during these struggles for the sake of the country. On the Independence day all Sri Lankans pays tribute to the national heroes in their memory challenges and vows to eradicate separatism.


Accordingly, Independence day ceremonies, dances, parades and performances are hoisting all over the country in the 4th February every year and a grand ceremony has been organised at Yaya 18, Rajanganaya by the Aura Lanka Team on 4th February 2022. Dr Viranjith Thambugala guested the occasion and singing, dancing events were organised that showcase national unity and culture. Religious observances are also made whishing peace and prosperity for the country, people and the tri-forces.