Chairman of the signature Aloe Vera project spearheaded in the Anuradhapura district in Sri Lanka, by Aura Lanka Herbals (Pvt.) Ltd. would be realised soon, Chairman of the company – Dr. Viranjith Thambugala says.He was speaking thus during a recent meeting​ to create awareness on the project, which was​ attended by the​ Land Minister of Sri Lanka and regional officials.

Although many have touted this project as environmentally harmful, it would be soon realised the importance of this project to the country, environmentally and economically, Dr. Thambugala said.​ ​The project which would be done over a transparently signed tripartite agreement with farmers, ​would eventually become the turning point of developing the economy of ​Anuradhapura district, he added. This will generate 212,000 direct and indirect employment opportunities, he further noted.

Speaking, Land Minister of Sri Lanka – Mr. S. M. Chandrasena said that although he too faced mudslinging on a personal level over this project, the absolute need to implement this in a way to minimize environmental impact and to ensure transparency, has been emphasised to all officials involved.

Addressing the gathering, the Commissioner General of Lands – Mr. Keerthi Gamage said that it was predicted that the Aloe Vera cultivation alone would generate an income of USD 1650 million annually if it could be expanded as a successful cultivation with an understanding between the parties. In addition, the local dairy industry, tourism industry, etc. too have the potential to generate additional income, he noted.

The project

On Aug. 30, 2021 ​ ​Aura Lanka Herbals (Pvt.) Ltd. reached reached a remarkable milestone ​after cabinet approval was granted to​ ​expand our signature Aloe Vera project in the Anuradhapura district in the country​ by providing us with ​nearly 66 acres of land on a long-term lease basis for 30 years as per provisions of the Crown Land Ordinance.

The land is to construct and maintain the factory and operating office premises as well as the storage and operational purposes of our project – ‘Dry Zone Rural Economic Development Aloe Vera Project’.

It is expected to set up nurseries for the production of Aloe Vera seedlings in 2,000 acres in Rajanganaya and Nochchiyagama Divisional Secretariat Divisions. In addition, 102,000 acres in Anuradhapura District will be used for the cultivation of Aloe Vera using plants produced by those nurseries.​ ​Under this project, Aloe Vera roots, tubers, gel and external parts of leaves are expected to be used to make high-energy drinks, pills, ointments, inhalers and hair oils.

The total investment of the project is USD 783 million with USD 300 million to be invested as Capital Investment.

The 100% organic project requires nearly one million tonnes of organic fertilizer per year. 75% of this amount is expected to be secured through 20 entrepreneurs while the project hopes to distribute one million dairy cows among farmers and meet the remaining 25% compost requirement.