As the COVID-19 threat continued to loom, 'Aura Lanka' stepped up to disinfect the environs of Anuradhapura.

On April 28, 2020, both sides of the Puttalam - Anuradhapura main road from Saliyawewa junction - Nochchiyagama town were disinfected. The 15-km stretch was disinfected as per instructions of health officials and garnered the praise of the area's residents.

In addition, the Rajanganaya police, Saliyawewa police, Nochchiyagama Base Hospital and the 'Yaya 5' Divisional Secretariat were all fumigated as well.

Members of the 'Yaya 18 Prajamoola Sanwidaanaya' also joined the effort.

Regional PHIs as well as several police officers from the Rajanganaya and Nochchiyagama police stations were also present.