Carpeting of a 4.8km stretch of the main road leading upto the 'Yaya 18' village was commenced on Nov. 05, 2020.

Considering the dire hardships the villagers had to undergo on a day-today basis due to poor infrastructure, chairman of 'Aura Lanka' - Dr. Chandika Viranjith Thambugala had made a personal appeal to the government. This effort had eventually come to fruition as the government ended up reserving funds amounting to Rs. 100 million for the initiative.

Parallel to the project, Dr. Thambugala had also initiated a tree planting programme with his private funds, while also taking measures to install paving stones on either side of the road.

Despite struggling for years and toiling day and night, the village remains poverty stricken, forcing the villagers into a vicious cycle of never ending poverty.

Dr. Thambugala has also initiated a massive Aloe Vera plantation in the area, with the intention of raising these villagers from their poverty.

Expressing his thoughts when the road development project had kicked off, Dr. Thambugala pointed out that it was absolutely necessary to bring in lucrative investments to the country which are capable of conquering the foreign market, in order to salvage such people who are worn out from poverty issues.

Noting that road networks as well as other infrastructure directly affects a country's development drive, Dr. Thambugala also emphasised that as a businessman, he will continue to engage in such activities instead of waiting for the country's political authorities to bring prosperity to the country.

Minister of Lands - S.M. Chandrasena, Minister of State for Rural Roads and Other Infrastructure, - Nimal Lanza, Deputy Chairman of the Rajaganaya Pradeshiya Sabha - Saman Weerasinghe, Divisional Secretary of Rajaganaya - Sunil Abeykoon, President of the 'Yaya 18 Neela Haritha Prajamoola Sanwidanaya' - Sarath Premananda and a group of residents were present at the occasion.