Remaining fiercely committed to recognising timely needs of the region, chairman of 'Aura Lanka' - Dr. Chandika Viranjith Thambugala had distributed KN95 protective facemasks.

On Dec. 2020, the facemasks were handed over to the Armed Forces Headquarters, the Anuradhapura police station and to the North Central Agriculture ministry. Also, a stock of facemasks were delivered to the office of the Assistant Supirintendent of Police (ASP) in Thambuttegama, to be distributed among all police stations in the area.

In addition, residents of the Malabe area in Colombo too, were handed over facemasks.

Dr. Thambugala and his wife were personally involved in the initiatives at the Armed Forces Headquarters and in Malabe while others represented him other locations. Dr. Thambugala also made a special visit to the North Central Agriculture ministry for this purpose.

CEO of 'Aura Lanka' - Mr. Isuru Mannapperuma had handed over the facemasks to the Thambuttegama ASP - Anura Silva. Meanwhile, 'Yaya 18 Neela Haritha Prajamoola Sanwidanaya' - Sarath Premananda had handed over facemasks to the Anuradhapura police HQI - CI Sanjeewa Mahanama.