Chairman of 'Aura Lanka' - Dr. Viraj Thambugala initiated a project to ensure safe, drinking water to a school in the Anuradhapura district.

Accordingly, a financial proceed of Rs. 478,000 was made to the Muslim school - Al Hikma Maha Vidyalaya in Nochchiyama on October 30, 2020, as a private donation.

Public of the Anuradhapura district constantly face the grave plight of falling victim to the kidney disease, which is rampant in the area due to the lack of safe, drinking water. The project was initiated to make at least a small difference in this regard.

The school had organised a small function to welcome Dr. Thambugala when he had gone in person to make the donation.

Speaking to teachers, students and parents who had gathered at the function, Dr. Thambugala had pointed out that the well-being of our children and opening their eyes of knowledge directly impacted the country's future.

He added that all adults should take up the responsibility of safeguarding our younger generation's health, disregarding all differences such as race, creed and political preferences. "Until then, we cannot have any faith on the future," he further noted.

Addressing the gathering, the school principal - Mr. Rohan Abdeen said that the school faced a drinking water issue for many years and no government had taken measures to address it. "In this backdrop, I deeply thank Dr. Thambugala for coming forward to ensure the health of our innocent school children," he added.