With the dawn of 2021, 'Aura Lanka' spread hope and happiness to the hearts of young and old residing in the 'Yaya 18' in Rajanganaya by giving them a novel experience to treasure for the remainder of their lives.

Sponsored privately by 'Aura Lanka'chairman - Dr. Viranjith Thambugala, the experience included a free helicopter ride to the residents.

For the residents, who are mostly poverty-stricken farmers toiling hard throughout their entire lives, air travel is something out of their wildest dreams which had come true in the form of an once in a life opportunity.

Accordingly, all residents of the 'Yaya 18' as well the members of the 'Yaya 18 Neela Haritha Prajamoola Sanvidanaya' and their children were granted a free helicopter ride. Around 700 persons joined the event.

The helicopter had flown over the proposed Aloe Vera cultivation of the company, which is located in the area

In addition to the helicopter ride, Dr. Thambugala had also made arrangements to donate books, bags and educational equipment to all the children present.

Speaking at the event, Dr. Thambugala said, "I too, grew up in these environs. Although I feel I did have a happy childhood, memories of the hardships I had to face back then, still strike me like blows. Then, I firmly feel I should not let any child undergo the suffering I had to undergo. It is my immense pleasure to provide this opportunity to all of you who are with me."

A host of visitors including 'Aura Lanka' Directress - Mrs. Chandani Samaraweera, CEO - Mr. Isuru Mannapperuma, Rajanganaya police OIC as well as the Chairman of the 'Yaya 18 Neela Haritha Prajamoola Sanvidanaya' had attended the event.