Introduction to
Aura Lanka LLC - USA

Aura Lanka International LLC is a US based company for high end jewelry sales, trading, and designing. Our business model was established to meet the needs of our vast array of clients, and with the opportunity for sales and bespoke jewelry designs in mind. We have partnered up with one of the most well-known Sri Lankan doctors and entrepreneurs, Dr. Walter Jayasinghe, and as such are able to utilize his existing client base and have access to his affluent network.

We are able to reach a whole new echelon of professionalism, as well as never before seen jewelry designs, by sourcing our own gems and employing highly skilled engineers and designers. In doing so, we have had the opportunity to develop some of the most intricate models and products ever completed. Our commissioned projects are often so intricate that they can take months, if not years, to build. Due to the highly detailed and custom nature of these designs, very few people in the world could source and build such works of art, which we have mastered.

In addition, our services expand to city development. While transforming the building and construction in city development, we prioritize sustainable practices laying emphasis on climate action, health & wellbeing as well as resources & circularity.

Our Activities

  • Designing and trading high-end Jewellery.
  • City Development

Message from the Chairman

Dr. Viranjith Thambugala

"Partnering with one of the most affluent Sri Lankans in the US - Dr. Walter Jayasinghe, Aura Lanka International LLC is a thriving venture in the field of high end jewelry sales, and city development. We believe in mastery and absolute perfection and are firm on maintaining sustainable and ethical practices, in our journey to create unparalleled, masterpieces."

Message from the Board

"Our clients include heads of state, wealthy families, and affluent people that don't waiver on quality and confidentiality. Everything that we have built are multi-million dollar projects, which will never be seen by the public unless the clients wish them to be. Our client base continues to rapidly expand through referrals, making our growth organic and lacking the need for any traditional forms of marketing. We are excited to continue creating unparalleled pieces for our current and future clients and know that Aura Lanka International LLC will one day be a household name among the world's elite."