Private donation to build two-storey building for Shilpaloka Primary School

Extending his assistance to schools in the Anuradhapura region, chairman of 'Aura Lanka' - Dr. Chandika Viranjith Thambugala had made a monetary donation to build a two-storey building for a primary school which had operated out of a committee meeting hall for years.

The school - Shilpaloka Primary School is located in the Thalawa area, which falls under the Thambuttegama Education Zone. From 2016, the primary school has been functioning in this manner.

Dr. Thambugala had privately donated Rs. 04 million to the school to build a new school building and the foundation stone was laid on Feb. 27, 2020.

A small function was held to mark the event and teachers, officials of the zonal office, students and parents warmly welcomed Dr. Thambugala.

Speaking, the school principal said, "Since the school began in 2016, we have been operating out of a committee meeting hall. Although we have requested for a building from authorities many times, no one cared. Although politicians come to this area just ahead of elections to secure votes, no one has ever bothered to return after the election and ask what grieviences these people are facing. But this generous act of Dr. Thambugala, whom we are blessed to have in our region, will not be forgotten. That is because even though the government has named this as a school, this will be the school's first building."

Addressing the gathering, Dr. Thambugala said that in order for the country to reach the peak of success, a generation of talented and compassionate children should be nurtured. "If every adult feels it is their responsibility to ensure this, then, it is not hard to turn this country into a prosperous one," he said.