Dr. Chandika Viranjith Thambugala (MD UCLA), a Sri Lankan indigenous medical doctor, is the founding Chairman / MD of Aura Lanka Herbals.

Sri Lanka, known throughout history as the 'Pearl of the Indian Ocean', has practiced this indeginious form of medicine for centuries and is a haven for medicinal plants. According to ancient Palm-leaf manuscripts (Puskola Poth), this type of medicine has been created by an individual called 'Pulathisi Isiwara' who lived on this land 20,000 years ago. Using his extraordinary skills, he treated thousands of islanders and since then, the knowledge of Sri Lankan indigenous medicine has been passed through generations.

Aura Lanka Herbals sources medicinal plant sections from many parts of the Island wide for processing extremely rare oil content according to the ancient recipes. As these herbs are very rare, the company only sources these medicines from trusted agents island wide.

Today, 'Aura Lanka' herbals source medicines with special care to process extremely rare oil content according to ancient prescriptions. The company is also careful to use machinery that will not harm the natural medicinal quality of the herbs during the production process. Under Dr. Thambugala's supervision, several men and women are currently engaged in this delicate production process. Dr. Thambugala too, personally continues to study herbs and medicinal plants found in many ancient prescriptions to promote them during modern times. As the adverse effects of globalisation and modernised lifestyles are continuing to be realised, people globalwide are turning back to nature and natural medicine and remedies for illnesses and ailments.

Hailing from the extremely rural region of 'Yaya 18' in Rajanganaya, located in Anuradhapura, Dr. Thambugala is a man who is firmly rooted to his humble origins, and giving back a hundredfold to his home region. His businesses have expanded not only to several sectors but also to several countries. In addition to being a globally recognised figure, he is a magnanimous philanthropist, contributing hugely to the wellbeing of his fellow villagers to elevate their community and to end their vicious cycle of life that had lasted for generations in the region.