Aura Lanka Herbals (Pvt.) Ltd. is stepping forward to its next remarkable event and mapped the following proposed building sites to be established in the coming future for the wellbeing of the people of the area as well as the nation.

  • Proposed Welfare Centre
  • Proposed Aloe Vera Plant Nursery
  • Proposed Factory
  • Proposed Sports Stadium
  • Proposed Laboratory
  • Proposed Maintenance Workshop
  • Proposed Anicut Across Panankaniya Canal
  • Proposed Water Treatment Plant and Water Tower

Accordingly, 2,000 acres in Rajanganaya and Nochchiyagama Divisional Secretariat Divisions and 102,000 acres in Anuradhapura District will be used for the cultivation of Aloe Vera plants produced by the Aloe Vera Plant nurseries.​ The 100% organic project requires nearly one million tons of organic fertilizer per year. 75% of this amount is expected to be secured through 20 entrepreneurs while the project hopes to distribute one million dairy cows among farmers and meet the remaining 25% compost requirement.

However, the total investment of the project is USD 783 million with USD 300 million to be invested as Capital Investment.

Dr Viranjith Thambugala is planning to invest millions of dollars for these main constructions of his ‘Dry Zone Rural Economic Development Aloe Vera Project’. Further, this project would generate a huge income to the country and thousands of employments to the people directly as well as indirectly.