The revamped website of ‘Aura Lanka’ herbals was launched during a ceremony held at the banks of the Kahambiliya Wewa, Yaya 18, Anuradhapura on June 27.

Amid a mesmerizing water and light display, the website was launched by the company’s Chairman – Dr. Chandika Viranjith Thambugala.

Heads of several subsidiaries also attended the event.

They include Aura Lanka Herbals CEO as well as Director of Aura Lanka Constructions and Aura Sports – Isuru Mannapeperuma, Aura Lanka Airlines and Aura Lanka Security CEO – Vishwa Rathnayaka, Director of Aura Lanka Entertainment – Sudath Jayasinghe and its sound engineer – Malinda Lowe as well as private secretaries of Dr. Thambugala – Sanka Bandara and Susantha Thambugala.

The website, revamped with the creative collaboration of “The Think Tank Pvt Ltd” has cutting edge technology including Artificial Intelligence backed answering mechanism to respond to viewers’ queries.

The website presents information on the Aura Lanka Herbals and its subsidiaries – namely Aura Lanka Gem and Museum, Aura Lanka Security, Aura Lanka Airlines, Aura Lanka Construction, Aura Lanka Entertainment, Aura Sports and Aum Jeewa.

The launch was held parallel to the ‘Aura Lanka Digital Poson Kalapaya’, held at the same venue from June 25 – June 27 following health measures imposed in the country in the wake of COVID-19.

Dr. Thambugala says the Poson Day is very important to Sri Lanka as it contributed to lay the foundation for a civilisation that could avail of a culture which respects discipline and aesthetics. Accordingly, this Poson zone aimed at offering a kind of satisfaction for the public while staying at homes amid the grave health risk posed due to COVID-19.

Watch below the three-day live broadcast from “Kahambiliya Wewa” Yaya 18, Anuradhapura.