This is the Poson season.  Arrangements are already being made to hold the “Poson Zone 2022” organized by “Thirasara Haritha Children’s Club” under the auspices of Aura Lanka (Pvt.) Limited for the benefit of thousands of people, even in the most difficult time in the country.

16 pandals, large scale Poson lanterns, large scale rice dansals and much more will be grandly organised for you at the Poson Zone.

In addition, a large number of well-known leading singers will be performed with island’s top 10 musical bands throughout the event.

We are pleased to announce that all arrangements are also in place to distribute valuable gifts amongst participants worth more than Rs. 10 million. Further, a free shuttle service will be provided for different routes for the ease of your transportation in the prevailing fuel crisis as well as to minimize the traffic around the Poson Zone during the period.

All are generously welcome to the “Poson Zone 2022” at Rajanganaya and suburbs from 14th – 24th June 2022.